Danielle Hammond (Inspire Digital Agency) is a Showit Website Designer based in Ontario, Canada

Danielle is a creative who thrives on designing sites that steal the show. She travels often and takes every chance to be in nature. Your site is about to become the coolest spot online. View some of her work below, or say hi via email or Instagram.

Sunset Country Outfitters

I collaborated with Sunset Country Outfitters, an all-inclusive fishing lodge in Northern Ontario. The serene surroundings inspired a website focused on showcasing their picturesque Campfire Island. With a goal to boost bookings and enhance SEO, the design emphasizes simplicity and easy integration for future online booking options, utilizing compelling visuals to capture the essence of their tranquil retreat.

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Sonoran Sun Haven

Drawing inspiration from my travels to Arizona, I designed a DIY and budget-friendly template for short-term accommodations. Beyond showcasing the property, the template incorporates local partnerships, featuring Arizona guides on what to do and where to eat. This visually stunning website offers a holistic travel experience, catering to the diverse needs of potential renters.

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Christin Thomson GOLF

Christin Thomson, a pro golf instructor, sought a website that truly reflected her brand. Moving from Shopify, we revamped her site, including a small Pro Shop and integrating her fitness guides for added revenue. The result is a site that not only elevates her professional image but also contributes to increased sales of her fitness guides, showcasing her expertise and products seamlessly.

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Increase Fitness

Tasked with creating a visually appealing website for a new local gym, Increased Fitness, the focus was on providing comprehensive information. The design not only captures the gym's aesthetic appeal but also integrates seamlessly with their membership purchasing platform. The result is an informative and visually appealing platform that caters to potential members and encourages engagement with their fitness app.

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Growth Accounting

Collaborating with Growth Accounting, a certified booking firm targeting female entrepreneurs, the focus was on creating a feminine and inviting website. With a vision to empower women, the design aims to make visitors feel an instant connection, fostering a sense of friendship and trust. The color palette aligns with the brand's identity, creating an exciting yet uncluttered online space poised for launch.

(not live yet)

Turgeon Construction

Turgeon Construction, a new business, sought a straightforward and user-friendly website to showcase their services. Emphasizing simplicity, the design allows for easy updates as the business grows, with plans to expand the portfolio over time. The website serves as a foundational platform for the company, providing essential information to potential clients in a clear and accessible manner.


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